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These ingenious designs of Song Sheng North American UFO power supply make the whole lamp more unique!

Posted: 2017-08-14 Source: Site

The "North American market" has almost become a mark and a must for high-end lighting companies due to its strong purchasing power, huge market, high threshold, high added value, and high customer loyalty.

The industry defines 2016 as the year of industrial and mining lights, which is sufficient to illustrate the market growth trend of industrial and mining lights in this year. Indeed: According to surveys by authoritative organizations, the application scenarios of high-power industrial and mining lights are several times greater than those of street lights, and applications in this field have brought huge opportunities to lighting.

Song Sheng's "S series UFO power supply" is specially designed for North American industrial and mining lights and patio lights. At the beginning of the design, we had in-depth exchanges with dozens of lighting product managers at home and abroad, so that the product gained many valuable elements We believe that the S series UFO power supply will definitely be well received and recognized by more users.

In terms of structure and shape, the S series UFO power supply follows the circular design of the C and D series. Because of its beautiful appearance, high matching with the whole lamp, easy installation, and compact structure, the advantages of low packaging and transportation costs have been consistent with the majority of users Praise, among the high-voltage input power products, the S series is currently the only one-piece design on the market. Let ’s take a look at the clever features of the S series products:

1. S series power supplies are: 96W, 150W and 240W, of which 96W meets UL CLASS 2 output, which can effectively save design, production and maintenance costs and bring great convenience to the design of lamps.

2.In addition to the protection of over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, over-temperature, etc., the product has added input under-voltage protection function. When the input voltage is lower than AC180V, the power supply enters the protection state, avoiding the fluctuation and operation of the power grid in the application. Power failure due to mistakes.

3. The S series power supply adopts active PFC scheme to obtain a relatively high PF value, and at the same time, it guarantees no flicker when shooting. THD is controlled within 10% at AC347V, which can be used in some special lighting places. The efficiency is more than 90%, so that the whole lamp can obtain higher light efficiency.

4. The S series power supply is equipped with an external current adjustable device on the side, which is convenient for adjusting the power of the entire lamp anytime and anywhere. The protection level of the external current adjustable device reaches IP65.

5. S series power supplies provide a variety of shell colors (white, bright black, bright silver, etc.) to choose, so that your lamps and lanterns have a different luster.

Song Sheng Power will continue to provide customers with high-quality products and services, and win-win with customers!

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