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Song Sheng Power--Appearance at Light India 2018

Posted: 2018-10-13 Source: Site

Song Sheng India booth information:

Time: 2018.10.11-13

Booth number: 11-L667

日至10 月13 日,深圳市崧盛电子股份有限公司在印度参加为期三天的Light India。 "India News" From October 11 to October 13, 2018 , Shenzhen Songsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. participated in the three-day Light India in India. This exhibition is co-organized by the Indian Light Source and Component Manufacturers Association (ELCOMA) and Frankfurt Exhibition Company. It is the largest comprehensive international lighting exhibition in India.

Song Sheng's booth focuses on the EI series, EL series, and industrial lighting circular industrial and mining lamp driving power supplies that are in line with the local market in India. Songsheng is welcomed by a large number of Indian customers for its good performance, high efficiency, high lightning protection and high reliability, and has attracted cooperation from various types of lighting manufacturers around the world.

"Song Sheng Information" EI series, EL series power products are products developed according to the characteristics of the Indian market-in addition to the continued high lightning protection,

In addition to the advantages of PF value, high efficiency, low THD, etc., it is specifically aimed at the unstable power grid in the Indian market. It can provide protection to lamps when 440V ultra-high voltage input is used. It is widely used in road lighting, tunnel lighting, and industrial lighting. EI series and EL series power supply products have continued to be popular in India and are well received by the Indian market.

通过与行业内本土企业的技术沟通交流,将会促使崧盛在产品研发上更符合市场需求及在印度市场的定位,契合行业发展的方向。 This exhibition not only showcases Songsheng's high-performance and high-reliability products, but also reflects the style of Songsheng's team and close cooperation with the industry . Through technical communication with local enterprises in the industry, Songsheng will promote R & D is more in line with market demand and positioning in the Indian market, which is in line with the development direction of the industry. At the same time, warmly welcome industry people and new and old customers to visit and guide at Songsheng booth!

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